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A brief introduction and history of Zorcon Poodles. We are located in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina. I started with Poodles in the early '70's and choose the Zorcon kennel name in 1978 and have been breeding and showing these lovely animals ever since. I have shown several Standards to their titles and numerous Toys including the Top Producer Ch. Montec Yankee Zorcon, there have been many more that should have and could have been finished but limited funds prevented it. Through the years I have made friends all over the world with other keepers of the breed, we share a common love for the well being of our beautiful Poodles!!!!Here's hoping to continue with the wonderful versatile Poodle!! 

We welcome you to the world of Zorcon Poodles..............enjoy!!!!Please be patient and give all pictures time to load. It's worth the wait!

Shades of brown '08




Autumn and Willy are proud parents


Brown Standard litter 2 females,5 males




Serious inquires invited on this new litter, also 6 month old brown female available from the '08  Standard litter, also available young adult light brown large female.................details on request.


If you have inquired by email  and I did not reply, please resend , have recently had problems receiving messages.....still am:(

Visit the link below to see previous litters

Puppy page

Important !!!

Please read below before inquiring about puppies.

When inquiring about a puppy, please state exactly what you are looking for. All pet/companions must be spayed or neutered and are sold on limited AKC registration......which means a dog is registered with AKC but cannot be used for breeding.......terms/co-ownerships can be arranged for show hopefuls. 

Zorcon Boys are not at public stud .

In loving memory of my best friend for the last 10.5 years......... Kastillia

April 1997-July 2007

Sleep well my sweet Kastillia Bean .........until we meet again.

A  painting of "Gladys", click on thumbnail for larger view, use back button to return here.


More Pictures

Some of my Poodle Collectables (page coming soon).

My Arrowhead Collection (page coming soon).

2007  find.

Zorcon Toys


Presenting new a new Champion for Zorcon.....

CH. Zorcon Blackberry Casino Royale

Casino goes WD, BOW for a 4 pt. major 8-23-08 to finish!!!

"Casino".........first son of Rooster, winning as a puppy.

Casino winning in adult trim!!!

Casino finishing his title.

Many THANKS to Shelley and Sharon for taking another Zorcon Poodle to a CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!

At his first UKC show...........he was Best Male, Best of Winners, Best of Breed with a Group 4........Dec.1!

He repeated the above wins in Show #2...........

Presenting "Keeper".........

Zorcon Blackberry For Keeps.............Casino's litter sister..........soon to be in the ring .

Presenting "Rooster Brown" our  brown Toy male outcross.

UKC Ch. Royal Panama Jack

Ch. Baliwick Boileau ex Baliwick Royal Desiree


Flash ........Rooster finished his UKC title in Dec.!

We are dedicated to breeding quality black and brown  Toy Poodles for companions or show. Check with us for current available litters (if any). All pets must be spayed or neutered and sold on limited AKC registration, terms can be arranged for show hopefuls.

Ch. Montec Yankee Zorcon (Top Producer)

"Eddie" was the sire of 11 American Champions and 1 Japanese Champion.....he can still be found in Top winning/producing pedigrees of today.

                                  Pictures...... of some of "Eddie's" winning kids!

Toy Males

Click above for pictures & pedigrees of my boys!!       

Toy Females  

Click above for pictures  of some of my girls.         

Zorcon Standards

Introducing Willy.........he comes from Bonwills in Canada.




Bonwill Willy Wonka At Zorcon


We are looking forward to Willy puppies in '09!

Introducing  Zina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ark-Ola Graphically Zorcon


at 6 months

10 months

1 year

We welcome this dark brown beauty to SC from California...........Thank you Oleysa!

Presenting  my  puppy from Belgium!!!

Expensive From Olionshouse "ESSY"

Sire: VDH. CH. Abraxas Brown Bradley

Dam: Ch. Ophelie du Mas Regain


Essy now has 40 points towards her UKC title!!!!!!!!!!!!

In her new adult trim...........July '06.



Korean CH. Zorcon Divine Rufus Brown

(U. Ch. Baldur Song Of Okarina x U. Ch. Autumn Hill Choceur At Zorcon)

Rufus winning in the show ring in Korea....I am so proud of this special brown boy...I wish him and his new owners much success!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rufus has completed his Korean Championship.............Congratulations!!!!!

Rufus in the ring Sept '06

We CONGRATULATE Baldur's black daughter Schaeffer's Piper RN,NA, NAJ on her  newest agility title......way to go Piper and Lynne...we are so very proud of you both!!!

We are also very proud of Shurik's daughter Iris on all of her agility wins!!!

U Ch. Baldur Song Of Okarina


(Undocked Belgium import)

Baldur was W. D. for his first AKC point 5-7-2005!!!!!!!!

Click thumbnail  above for Baldur's portrait done by L.Payne '05,use back button to return here.

He finished his UKC title in '04 now pointed and being shown at AKC shows.

Baldur in the shade in November '04.


Sept. '05


Nov. '06

Jan. '07

March '07


Pictured on his 5th. birthday Dec.24 with his new toy:)


I am searching for a Standard stud dog or puppy with NO North American dogs in the pedigree, any solid color.......please send me any info, pedigrees(5 or more generations), ect......you may have.......some say it is impossible to find anymore, as most all pedigrees worldwide trace back to the Wycliffe line.............I am still searching.............Many, many THANKS to All that have helped in this ongoing search of mine :-)  I have been sent many pedigrees, but all so far do indeed go back to North American dogs.......so still looking, any thoughts, suggestions are most appreciated! If anyone has dogs with pedigrees that are all old lines (including the old Wycliffe) let me know, as even those are becoming harder and harder to find...............Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Ch. Zorcon Endless Love (Priscilla)


She was my first Champion, my Priscilla who taught me so much.

Click here for more Standard Poodle Pictures from the past.

We usually have a Standard litter every year or so......check  to see if any are planned. All pets must be spayed or neutered and sold on limited AKC registration. Terms can be arranged for show hopefuls. 

My Standards:

Click on the names to visit their pages with pictures and pedigrees.


Shans-Bizhu E-Mail To Zorcon (Black Russian Import) retired


UKC CH. Autumn Hill Choceur At Zorcon (Brown) CHIC#18199 retired


UKC CH. Zorcon Born In The USA (Black) CHIC#18200 retired


UKC CH. Baldur Song Of Okarina (Brown Belgium Import) CHIC#20343


Zorcon From Russia With Love (Black) CHIC#24035


UKC CH. Zorcon Bittersweet Song (Brown)


Expensive From Olionshouse(Brown Belgium Import)


Ark-Ola Graphically Zorcon (Brown)


Bonwill Willy Wonka At Zorcon (Brown-Canadian Import)


To see a list of Zorcon Champions click here .


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Starfrost Farm home of Zorcon Poodles.

My view from our front porch! The farm summer 2001.

Farm  winter view. 12-30-01

Jan03_24.JPG (141182 bytes)

Farm in snow! 1-3-02

Farm  May 2003.

Backyard '05

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Fall '05

Oct. '06

April '08

Please check back frequently as this site is always under construction and being updated and added to continuously! Thanks.



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