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Poodle Links

Below is a list of some of my favorite Poodle friends to visit, if you would like your site added to  the list  just email me your URL.

Romar Poodles  (Ireland)

Song Of Okarina (Belgium)

PooDell Toy Poodles (USA)

Alegros Poodles(USA)

Sonyboys (Sweden)

All About Poodle (new Russian site, with lots of info, pics and links about various Poodle sites.)

Airy Arabeska ( Russia)

Dizzybells ( Netherlands)

Kennel Lykkehuset ( Denmark)

Ormar Poodles  ( Canada)

Angel's Heart ( Switzerland)

Russky-dvor ( Russia)

Avivim Standard Poodles(in Israel)

Autumn Hill Standard Poodles( USA)

Marco Bohemica Standard Poodles  (in Czech Republic)

Benet Poodles (USA)                        

Shans Bizhu  Standard Poodles (in Russia......breeders of my SHURIK)

Arto (handsome Standard in Russia)

Danrith Standard Poodles ( Australia)

Zorcon Poodles

322 Starfrost Rd.

Laurens, S.C. 29360 USA